Mok Smallman

Mok is the founder and Director of Staysafe Training Services and Consultancy Ltd which he established in 1999 at the same time he developed the Staysafe De-escalation Training Programme.

Mok has a military and a Police background. He served in the NZ Infantry Regiments for 12 years with both the Regular and Reserve forces and was a police officer of the New Zealand Police for 20 years.
In 2002 Mok left the Police and began delivering the Staysafe De-escalation Programme fulltime. In 2005 the Staysafe De-Escalation Programme which he delivered to St John ambulance nationally won a silver award at the 3M International Innovations Conference for health and safety.
Mok’s time as a certified Staff Safety Tactical and Defensive Tactics Trainer with the NZ Police eventually led him to being appointed the Lead instructor of Defensive Tactical Training for a British Foreign Commonwealth Office Contract.
The training facility he operated from was based in a high risk environment in the Middle East where the team were responsible for the training of International Police and security forces.
Mok has worked in Team Leadership roles in maritime counter piracy operations around the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. He has faced many challenging and dangerous situations over the years and one such incident had a profound effect on him which resulted in the establishment of Staysafe Training Services and Consultancy Ltd and the development of the De-escalation Programme.
Mok is a 1st Degree Black Belt in Zendokai mixed martial arts and currently runs an unarmed close quarter combat school based in Rotorua.
Over the years, Staysafe’s De-escalation programme has helped many staff of organisations manage and deal with situations confidently and safely.

‘I am passionate about staff keeping safe at work. I have seen the case where a female staff member did not return home to her family at the end of her shift, and if I can prevent that from happening to other staff members then I have done my job’.


Rick is a key member of Staysafe Training Services. His experience and knowledge in different areas is an asset to the company. He is a motivated individual with a high level of professionalism.

Rick comes from a military background. He has 16 years military experience having served 5 years with the Zealand Infantry Regiment and for 11 years as a combat medic. He has served with both the Regular and Reserve forces. Rick also worked as a maritime security operator involved in counter piracy work around the Middle East and African Coast.
Rick is an acute medical trauma specialist working as a frontline officer for St John Ambulance for 13 years.
He is a trainer of close quarter combat mixed martial arts and has been training for 11 years.
Rick has been an instructor with Staysafe Training services for a number of years and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism to the role.


Danny is another key member of Staysafe Training Services. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Company honed from 20 years in the New Zealand Army where he attained the rank of Warrant Officer Second Class. His military career and experiences are vast.

After leaving the military Danny has used his experience and knowledge to work in different fields internationally. This includes working for The United Nations on demining programmes in Mozambique, an instructor in demining roles in Afghanistan, team leadership roles on counter piracy operations around the Indian Ocean, Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden and a security consultant in Saudi Arabia, where he was responsible for the security of dependants working for an Oil company.
Danny’s list of achievements and qualifications are too many to mention. He is highly professional and very good at what he does.
We are very pleased to have Danny on the team. His wealth of knowledge, experience and professionalism is priceless.