Company Goals

Our goal is to provide training and skills to organisations which allows their staff to keep safe at all times. It is enhancing their effectiveness and professionalism in a compliance, enforcement, or customer service environment.
We provide expertise in helping management make better decisions about workplace situations where there is risk of aggression, violence or bullying.


Our instructors are experienced trainers and operators who bring a wealth of knowledge.
They have either police, military, medical and overseas operational experience. They have worked on the frontline of their respective careers dealing with many situations, ensuring the safety of personnel and security of assets.

Instructional expertise

Our instructors are professionals and have instructional experience and qualifications to ensure they can develop and deliver training in a way that maximises learning outcomes.

All are instructors have qualifications in their respective areas of expertise. Qualifications and experience held but not limited to:

  • NZQA Level 5 Certificate in Adult Teaching
  • NZQA Level 5 New Zealand Certificate Literacy Numeracy
  • NZQA Security Certificate
  • Non-Violence Critical Intervention International Certificate
  • Combat and Trauma Medic Qualifications
  • Operator for the United Nations
  • Police and Military Leadership and Instructional Courses

Industry Reputation

Staysafe was established in 1999. Since then the Company has assisted many organisations within New Zealand which include Military, Local Councils, Teaching Institutes, Medical Institutes and Corporate Clients.
We ensure our programmes meet the demands of the organisation and the safety and security of each participant is conducted in a warm safe environment.