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Staysafe Training Services is a specialised training company dedicated to providing a quality service in managing risks and security needs to the private and public sectors. Our instructors are trained and experienced former police and military instructors, who have gained skills from working overseas and within New Zealand.


Staysafe Training Services was formed in 1999 with a vision of providing quality training workshops on managing personal safety and risk management to clients dealing with difficult or aggressive situations in the workplace.

Our instructors have certain strengths and skills obtained from years of experience gained from operating within New Zealand and overseas, having worked for the NZ Army, NZ Police, British Commonwealth Office and the United Nations


Our workshops specialise in legislation, theory and practical techniques for de-escalating and managing personal safety within the workplace and personal life. Our workshops usually vary from one to two days, however can be tailored to the client’s needs.

De-escalating and Managing Violence in the Workplace

The programme is a one and half day workshop focused on De-escalating critical situations. Our scenarios are realistic.

De-escalation Training

This programme is a one day workshop based on actual events; teaching participants on how to assess, communicate and plan any given situation that may arise, which has the potential to cause harm.

Defensive Tactics

A programme in which we provide training in defensive tactics and staff safety tactics. Including various stances, redirection, blocks, disengagement along with many other techniques and defences.

Unarmed Close Quarter Combat Training

Staysafe provides unarmed close quarter combat training for personal self-defence.

Consultancy & Advice

Review and evaluation services to help ensure your organisation has the right structures and support in place.

Lockdown Procedures

To assist organisations in preparing for those serious or critical moments, we give sound advice and training