Often staff will have no idea what issues the public may be dealing with mentally or what they may be carrying which may cause harm.

Staysafe courses will provide participants with the skills and knowledge to keep safe and to manage any situation that may arise. This includes engaging people with effective communications, reading body language and verbal ques, applying situational awareness, and maintaining a professional manner at all times. The techniques taught are proven techniques having been used in operational situations.

Our training & services

Consultancy & Advice

Review and evaluation services to help ensure your organisation has the right structures and support in place.

De-escalation Training

This programme is a one day workshop based on actual events.

De-escalating and Managing Violence in the Workplace

The programme is a one and half day workshop focused on De-escalating critical situations.

Refresher Training

Our refresher training is a half day workshop touching on topics covered in our De-escalation workshops.

Unarmed Close Quarter Combat Training

Staysafe provides unarmed close quarter combat training for personal self-defence.

Lockdown Procedures

To assist organisations in preparing for those serious or critical moments, we give sound advice and training

Maritime Counter Piracy

Our instructors have experience in counter piracy operations, having operated on international shipping

Defensive Tactics

Our instructors have been in training roles for the Military and Police for a number of years.

Personal Protection

We provide protection for people who believe they or their whanau are at risk of harm from any person or group.

Self-Defence Programmes for women

We provide self-defence training for women. Our female trainers have experience in a variety of techniques

Self-Defence Programmes for children

We provide self-defence training for children. Our focus is on fun but also on awareness.

Why Choose Us?

  • Enhances staff safety
  • Dealing with situations confidently
  • Providing good effective communications
  • Maintaining personal safety
  • Meeting the legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015
  • Creating an office action plan pre and post incident
  • Allows for debriefing
  • Prepares staff for worst case scenarios
  • Enhanced staff safety
  • More confident and effective staff, when dealing with 'difficult people'
  • Enhanced security of property and assets
  • Meeting your organisations legal and moral obligations to provide a safe working environment
  • Keeping whanau safe
  • Any organisation that has concerns for the security of their assets or the safety and wellbeing of their staff
  • Anyone who works within an organisation that deals with the public
  • People or whanau members who have been threatened
  • People who have concerns about their personal safety
  • An organisation that needs to meet their legal responsibilities under a specific Act

Our programmes cover a wide range of topics and issues.

With our De-escalation Programme participants will develop knowledge and skills on how to manage a situation or incident at either a serious or critical level.

Many of the skills participants will learn on this course are taught worldwide. Many professional organisations teach and use similar tactics. These techniques will enhance your confidence and safety in any given situation, whether it is at work or in your personal life.