About Staysafe

The death of a woman who was stabbed in front of her colleagues while at work has always been the focal point of Staysafe Training Services and Consultancy. Seeing her husband after he received the news of his wife has always stayed with Mok. ‘I remember the day and the incident clearly.  I was there when the husband received the news of his wife. It was terrible’.

Over the following weeks Mok pondered over the incident and it was when he heard the husband speaking to a reporter over the evening news that he decided to do something.
At the time Mok worked for the Police Training Unit of the Royal New Zealand Police College. His office would regularly receive phone calls from organisations asking for training on how to deal with violence and abuse within their workplace, as there was no one providing training.

‘This final incident was the catalyst so I decided to do something.’

By the end of 1999 Mok had developed the ‘Staysafe De-escalation Training Programme’ and established Staysafe Training Services and Consultancy Ltd.

The programme has been ongoing since 1999 and is still being delivered nationally to organisations, training staff in de-escalation methods and situation awareness techniques.

De-escalation is one of a number of programmes offered by Staysafe Training Services in assisting organisations in staff safety, organisational safety and personal safety.

Staysafe Training Services and Consultancy is an organisation of professional instructors trained in delivering quality programmes. They have a wide range of skills on how to manage any threatening situation that may have everlasting negative effects on staff and the organisation itself.

Our instructors are professionals who have Police and Military backgrounds. They are all experienced and highly trained individuals who have worked as front-line operators and trainers in their respective services in New Zealand and overseas, for many years.